Chemical Seal

Equipment for monitoring and controlling Pressure such as pressure gauges, transmitters and switches are most reliable when operating with ‘clean’ fluid.  When performing high pressure testing with aggressive and ‘dirty’ test media, KW Designed Solutions can create a ‘clean’ pressure controlling environment with the implementation of a Chemical Seal (Diaphragm Seal) into the Pressure Control System.

There are many different types of Chemical Seals on the market but they typically have very limited pressure and temperature ratings, and are manufactured from materials that are not compatible with aggressive media such as H2S. 

We have designed and supplied a unique special purpose HPHT Chemical Seal, implemented within a HPHT Autoclave system for simulating downhole sour gas environments.  The Chemical Seal is rated for 1700 bar operating pressure at temperatures up to 300°C and the main wetted components manufactured from Hastelloy C276.

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Chemical Seal


  • 1700 bar MWP
  • Media temperature up to 300°C
  • Wetted components from Hastelloy C276
  • Standard HP autoclave connections
  • 63mm or 100mm Pressure Gauge and integral Pressure Transmitter
  • Dirty, sand and silt media separation
  • Corrosive media separation


  • Separation provides a ‘clean’ pressure control system for robust operation
  • Separation of corrosive media provide a clean and adequate interface for installation of standard components, e.g. pressure gauge, pressure transmitters
  • Fully certified and approved
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