Media Separation

High pressure pumps, valves, gauges and sensors are most reliable when operating with clean, well filtered fluids or gases; when there is a demand for Pressure Testing using an aggressive media, there is often a need to prevent the media from coming into contact with these pieces of sensitive Pressure equipment.

With the clever integration of a Pressure Media Separator into a KW Designed Solutions Pressure Control System you can maintain precise pressure control without subjecting the Pressure Control Equipment to media that could potentially damage it or cause premature wear.

Two types of KW Designed Solutions Pressure Media Separator are available: -

  • Remote Accumulator – External of the Vessel, available as piston, bladder or diaphragm type.
  • Integral Rubber Bladder – Inside the Vessel, a balanced flexible rubber bladder acts as the separation element between aggressive test media and clean pressurization media

KW Designed Solutions has also designed a range of innovative High Pressure Chemical Seals that allow the use of standard Pressure Instrumentation with aggressive test media such as H2S.

Media Separation


  • Two types of Pressure Media Separator: Remote Accumulator or Internal Rubber Bladder
  • Remote Accumulator available as piston, bladder or diaphragm type
  • Suitable for pressures up to 22,500 PSI (1550 Bar)
  • Compatible with Seawater, sand and silt
  • Chemical Seals suitable for pressures up to 1700 Bar
  • Compatible with corrosive media such as H2S


  • Provides a ‘clean’ Pressure Control System for robust operation
  • Remote Accumulator maximises Vessel’s working volume
  • Internal Rubber Bladder removes the need for a secondary H.P Accumulator – providing a low cost solution with less maintenance and no requirement for extra certification.
  • Chemical Seals provide a clean and adequate interface for installation of standard components, e.g. pressure gauge, pressure transmitters when working with corrosive media e.g. H2S

Applications and Customer Uses

Pressure Vessels and Pressure Control Systems supplied with Pressure Media Separators are a very popular choice for our customers who work within the Subsea and Materials Research industry sectors.  

For our Subsea customers testing in simulated turbid Seawater, internal Rubber Bladders separate the clean Pressurisation media from the aggressive sand and silt.

Material Research organisations are able to carry out Sour Service Testing in HPHT Autoclaves using KW Designed Solutions Chemical Seals that allow the installation of sensitive pressure measuring instrumentation. 

We have recently designed and supplied a complete HPHT Test System for simulating downhole sour gas environments with a special purpose Chemical Seal.  The Chemical Seal is rated for 1700 bar at 300°C, with wetted components manufactured from Hastelloy (C276) material.

Project Examples

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