Segmented Clamp Closure Pressure Vessels

The KW Designed Solutions Segmented Clamp Closure Pressure Vessel has a quick-acting closure mechanism incorporating a 2 or 3 piece clamp arrangement.  The Segmented Clamp Closure is an innovatively engineered closure, light in weight yet robust in design, providing the operator with a simple and quick opening and closing functionality.

The Segmented Clamp Closure is engineered so that the vessel body remains slender and the closure plug relatively light in weight.  A compact flange profile is machined into both the pressure vessel body and the closure plug which ensures smooth engagement of the Segmented Clamps and effective containment of the end loads caused by high pressure.

In addition we can supply pressure vessel support frames and closure support frames incorporated into the design to ensure closure alignment to the vessel body is maintained.  For larger pressure vessels, automated closure mechanisms can be supplied to aid and simplify the handling of the segmented clamps and the closure plugs whilst also optimising vessel access.

KW Designed Solutions Segmented Clamp Closure Pressure Vessels are supplied with operating pressure of up to 2000 bar and temperatures range from -20°C to +300°C.

Segmented Clamp Closure Vessels


  • Pressure rating: 50 bar to 2000 bar
  • Temperature: -20°C to 300°C
  • Size: Between Ø75mm to Ø400mm bore and depths of 150mm to 2000m
  • Volumes: 0.5 litre to 250 litre
  • Seal Types: O seal, PTFE, Metallic Seals (BX Rings, C-Rings, Metal Seal Rings)
  • Material of construction: Stainless steels, exotic steels (Hastelloy, Inconel), carbon and alloy steels


  • Quick acting opening/closing times: 2 minutes to open/close, 10 seconds to lock/unlock
  • Integral safety interlocking system
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Long service life
  • Minimal shop floor footprint
  • Custom size and pressure range available to meet specific requirements

Applications and Customer Uses

The KW Designed Solutions Segmented Clamp Closure Vessel with its advanced design is applicable to all vessel types, with single or double ended Closures and capable of containing medium to high pressures.  The Segmented Clamp Closure has proved to be a popular choice for our customers working within Scientific and Material Research industry sectors, used on autoclave and reactor pressure vessels for quick load/unload operation and allowing good access into the vessel.

Project Example

HPHT Autoclaves for corrosion and cracking tests

HPHT Autoclave for corrosion and cracking tests (Ref: SO604, Equip No. 2151)

This HPHT autoclave has removable upper & lower closures, both of which are clamped into a pressure vessel body using a 2-segment clamping method.

  • Pressure rating: 1700 bar
  • Temperature: 0°C to +325°C
  • Size: Ø150mm x 400mm depth
  • Volume: 7 litre

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