Automation and Control Systems

At KW Designed Solutions we build intelligent Control Systems to control and automate environmental conditions and functional operations for all our Pressure Vessel Systems.

Typical applications requiring automation and control: -

  • Pressure Control profiles
  • Temperature Control profiles
  • Vessel Tilt
  • Mate/Demate facilities
  • Agitation facilities
  • Internal Tooling
  • Closure Operation – Open/Close; Lock/Unlock
  • Safety Interlock Systems

Control & Automation of the above applications is managed using Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) pre-programmed with the latest software and operated via user friendly HMI screens.  This provides great flexibility with all the necessary automation to make the operating process simple and self-managing.  Furthermore, with alarm conditioning and safety interlock systems in place, it ensures the highest standards of safety are achieved.

Control modules can be separated for independent control or combined into one system that provides the customer with a single point access operating platform - Data logging modules can also be integrated to record any information measured or controlled by the system.

Project Examples

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