Jan 25, 2019

KW Designed Solutions - in January Edition of Subsea UK Publication

Leading pressure testing equipment specialist launches state-of-the-art test centre - features in Subsea UK 

KW Designed Solutions is pleased to have had a full-page editorial featuring in the January edition of Subsea UK - the publication that champions the UKs Subsea industry.

Subsea UKs January edition focusses on the themes of digitalisation, innovating for the future and new ways of doing business. This offered us at KW Designed Solutions a great opportunity and platform to create an awareness of KW Pressure Testing to our existing customers and potentially new prospects requiring pressure testing that may require the services of a high quality pressure testing facility.

“We relished the opportunity of featuring in this month’s publication of Subsea UK. Innovating for the future and new ways of doing business is what we’re about in a nutshell. The Subsea market can access the most innovative and advanced pressure testing equipment on offer here at our facility.” Explains Mark Henderson, Commercial Director.

If you have any requirements for pressure testing including R&D trials, product approval tests and factory acceptance tests - please get in touch with KW Designed Solutions - mark.henderson@kwdesign.co.uk or +44 (0) 7933 527948.

 Subsea UK Publication - January 2019