Jul 31, 2018

Eaton MEDC Ltd

KW Designed Solutions - Helping to Improve Safety and Efficiency

KW Designed Solutions has recently been awarded a project by Eaton’s MEDC for the supply of two pressure testing bays which incorporate the highest standard of pressure testing equipment to further improve safety, exceeding Eaton’s and national standards. All this needs to be achieved while also significantly improving productivity gains through automating operations.

KW Designed Solutions has been asked to produce two high volume, highly autonomous and visually impactful pressure testing rigs that will allow Eaton’s MEDC products to meet their stringent certification requirements. The rigs also need to accommodate for increasing demand to allow Eaton’s MEDC to plan for the future growth of their business. 

The systems will incorporate a safety enclosure, automated pressure controls, data logging and product clamping ability.  KW Designed Solutions will be using their experience in designing and developing pressure testing systems to ensure the final design meets and exceeds the requirements of Eaton’s MEDC.

“KW offered the best engineering insight into an entire production line and cell layout where other vendors offered only benchtop or standalone solutions.” (Rick Coleman, Production Engineer at Eaton’s MEDC)

If you have any requirements for product pressure testing systems for your production line or any other areas within your business please get in touch with KW Designed Solutions - mark.henderson@kwdesign.co.uk or +44 7933 527948.




KW Designed Solutions Pressure Vessel for testing Eaton's Oxalis range of internal parts