Jul 13, 2018

Energy, Oil & Gas - Publication

Airborne Oil & Gas - Chief Commercial Officer, Martin van Onna.

KW Designed Solutions - feature in the summer edition of the Energy, Oil & Gas publication alongside Airborne Oil & Gas, Chief Commercial Officer, Martin van Onna’s article where he discusses his company’s successful development and implementation of their innovative thermoplastic composite pipe concept. KW Designed Solutions designed and manufactured the special purpose pressure testing vessel for the production and qualification testing of these thermoplastic composite pipes, performing deepwater and ultra-deepwater hydrostatic high-pressure testing at elevated temperatures on various types of pipe assemblies.

If you are interested in discussing any special purpose pressure vessel with control systems then please do not hesitate to contact Mark Henderson +44 7933 527948 or email sales@kwdesign.co.uk


Pressure vessel for testing thermoplastic composite pi