Jan 17, 2018

KW Designed Solutions upgrades large bore Pressure Vessel with a Temperature Control System

KW Designed Solutions have been contracted by Balmoral Offshore Engineering to upgrade their 1800mm bore x 7000mm deep, 475 bar hydrostatic pressure vessel.

This large vessel boasts the quick-acting Actuated Chock Closure; designed, manufactured and installed by KW Designed Solutions in 2016.  The upgrade involves installing a Temperature Control System to the vessel which includes external heating pads, internal temperature measuring and a fully automated control system to allow internal temperatures to be controlled up to 50°C. The requirement has come from the industry asking for greater tests to be undertaken on buoyancy products working in warmer water conditions.

The vessel which is installed at the new state-of-the-art Balmoral Subsea Test Centre in Aberdeen is one of a number of KW Designed Solutions vessels at the facility.  The large capacity of the vessel allows the testing of full Buoyancy modules as well as larger subsea components.  Although predominantly used for Balmorals in-house testing and development work, these vessels allow Balmoral to provide a hydrostatic pressure testing service to external clients.

KW Designed Solutions are very pleased to continue their ongoing relationship with Balmoral Offshore ­Engineering in the development of their Subsea Test Centre.  Details of this facility can be found at http://www.balmoral-group.com/balmoral-offshore/index.php/products/balmoral-subsea-test-centre.

If you have a requirement for a fully integrated pressure testing system or an upgrade to an existing system for pressure or temperature con­­trol then please contact us at sales@kwdesign.co.uk or contact Mark Henderson on 0044 7341 527 948.