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KW Designed Solutions is a leading supplier of bespoke Special Purpose Pressure Vessels, Pressure Testing Equipment and associated Pressure Control Systems.

Cutting edge design and superior manufacturing capabilities are combined with a total commitment to the continuous improvement of our products and services.  This ensures we produce the most innovative, high quality and cost-effective solutions that are safe and reliable.

Established in 2004, KW Designed Solutions continues to support industry and research facilities in the Subsea Engineering, Oil and Gas, Nuclear, Pharmaceutical, Scientific and Materials Research sectors.

We provide off the shelf solutions tailored to suit the customers' bespoke requirements.


Our Pressure Vessels are designed in-house by highly skilled & qualified engineers using the most up to date design & analysis tools.  Whilst we engineer solutions to satisfy our customers’ wide range of design specifications, we ensure compliance to the requirements of Pressure Vessel design codes, international standards and directives.

EU Directives

PED - Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU (formerly 97/23/EC)

National Standards (Pressure Vessel Design Codes)

PD 5500 - Specification for unfired, fusion welded pressure vessels (British)

EN 13445 - Unfired Pressure Vessels (European)

ASME BPVC Section VIII - Rules for Construction of Pressure Vessels (American)

  • Division 1
  • Division 2 - Alternative Rules
  • Division 3 - Alternative Rules for Construction of High Pressure Vessels

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Manufacture, Assembly and Testing

The manufacture, assembly and testing of our Pressure Vessels is carried out at KW Designed Solutions premises in the UK.  Our team of electro-mechanical engineers possess a wide range of specialist skills and the tooling required to build and test the various types of equipment on offer.  Advanced production and project management systems ensure we supply right first time, on time whilst also helping us to maintain our ISO 9001 accreditation.

Installation and Commissioning

Our team of certified engineers plan and organise all relevant services and activities required for the installation of KW Designed Solutions equipment, ensuring that the work is carried out safely and efficiently.  We work closely with specialist machine moving sub-contractors for the initial positioning and siting of heavier pieces of equipment.  Once sited, our engineers will complete the installation and commissioning of the equipment by conducting a final Site Acceptance Test (SAT) before the equipment is finally signed off by the customer. (More)

Quality and Accreditations

KW Designed Solutions is an ISO 9001 certified company.

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ISO 9001 2015

subsea uk member


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Tel: +44 (0) 1257 474 507

KW Designed Solutions Ltd, KW Group, Drumhead Road, Chorley North Business Park, Chorley, Lancashire PR6 7DE. United Kingdom.

Designed and manufactured in the UK Designed and manufactured in the UK.